Podcast Ep 20 - Sports, Scandal, and Suicide with Brad Culp

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with my friend, Brad Culp.

I met Brad back in college when we were both racing triathlons, and he has since been a long-time colleague of mine in publishing and the endurance sports industry. He has been on staff for Triathlete Magazine for many years, and he was even my boss while he ran the show at LAVA Magazine while I contributed as a freelancer. I wanted to catch up with Brad in general, but also dive in to some deeper issues – and that’s what the previous clips were talking about. Brad has done a fair amount of investigation into doping and cheating in sports, and we talked about a very controversial case that unfolded this year. There was an older gentleman named Frank Meza who was setting marathon running records in the 70-74 age group, and was found to be cutting courses and even riding a bike during at least one race. There were photos and videos, and a mountain of evidence quickly piled up. He was getting berated in some online forums because of his actions, and the long and tragic story short is that he ended up committing suicide. Then people were accused of bullying him and it started a really big debate as to who was to blame, and how it all went so badly. You know – why did he cheat in the first place, why did he double-down in his denial of the cheating, why did so many people care about this, and perhaps a larger question about how we treat people online. Brad is smart and articulate, and we had a great time discussing this and other issues.

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