Podcast Ep 19 - Minimalism and Bike Tech with Mark Hickey

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with my friend, Mark Hickey. I’ve known Mark for quite a few years now, and he’s a fellow bicycle industry geek, and owner of my favorite bike brand, Habanero Cycles. Yes, it’s named after the spicy peppers.

Mark had a career in technology before starting the company, and we get in to how it all started, his ethos behind the brand, and then we take a few steps back to look at how not only bicycles have evolved, but a wide range of consumer products. I think most people can agree that technology is getting better and helping us in many ways, there are definitely also some hidden costs – especially if you don’t have the right strategy when you’re shopping. Just one quick example, there are a lot of little gadgets that can do things for us, but it’s easy to spend way too much time reading instructions, charging batteries, calling customer service, and otherwise going directly against what the product is supposed to do – save us time, add value, and make life better. Mark is one of the few holdouts making bikes what I’d call the right way, designing specifically for high reliability and a minimum of hassle. They’re also the most affordable titanium bikes I’m aware of, making them that much better. I ride one, and it’s better than bikes I’ve tried that cost three or four times as much. Mark had a lot to say about this and much more.

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