Podcast Ep 18 - Traveling, Wrestling, and Philosophy with Patrick Spano

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with my friend and wrestling coach, Patrick Barry Spano.

There are a few reasons I wanted to talk to Patrick. First, he has an interesting story and has traveled quite a bit, and he fits in pretty well with the nomadic minimalist millennial theme that seems to be getting more popular by the day. Second, he is an amazing teacher and martial artist, who has really opened my eyes into wrestling, why it’s important, and how incredibly difficult it is. And finally, on a practical level, Patrick is moving very soon to Brazil, and I wanted to get him on the show before it was too late.

If you’re from the martial arts world and new to this show, the elevator pitch is that it’s about bringing the two worlds of sports and minimalism together, which might sound odd at first – but it’s all about simplifying and downsizing so you can have more time to do what you want. Most minimalist programs are very general and talk about cleaning out your garage or kitchen, but hobbies and sports often get a pass, and it’s easy to accumulate too much. I interview people like Patrick who have at least some type of unique perspective on this, to hear their stories. If you’re one of my endurance sports friends, this episode might give you a peek in to the “why” behind my entry into martial arts, and how it has become a big part of my life. As a former professional triathlete, I suppose it is fitting that I got in to mixed martial arts, which is sort of the triathlon of martial arts – you have to have a wide range of skills to succeed.

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