Podcast Ep 13 - Phil Casanta

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with my friend and colleague, Phil Casanta.

Phil is a former elite runner, professional cyclist, and now he is one of the premier bicycle mechanics and fitters in the world, running a shop called Hypercat out in California.  Phil and I dive pretty deep in to the inner workings of the bicycle business and how it has evolved in both good and bad ways.  If you’re not very into bikes, you can probably skip over the first 15 minutes or so, as we talk about some fairly technical things with how bikes have evolved from being rather simple, to the current high-tech state that requires more consumer knowledge to own and maintain.  If you’ve listened to this show before you already know that I think this is mostly a bad thing, and I wanted to get a historical view from Phil, who is older and wiser than I, and has seen in detail how things have changed since the 1980’s.

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