Podcast Ep 11 - Cam Dye (Pro Athlete Retirement)

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with one of the best short-course triathletes in the world, Cam Dye.

The big news for Cam is that he recently announced his retirement from the sport, after a very successful career.  More importantly, however, he is super down to earth, and I’m not just saying that as the standard thing you’re supposed to say.  I met Cam back when I was a fledgling pro triathlete myself, and he was always super approachable.  I later worked with him as the sponsorship manager for one of his equipment sponsors, and I was always struck by how willing he was to come by and talk to us before his races.  Like… to the point where I was thinking, “Hey man, shouldn’t you go and put your feet up now to rest for this huge competition tomorrow?!”  He always went way over the top and was super friendly.

This interview was very fun, as Cam gave a lot of unfiltered opinions on the good and bad of the sport and the companies that are engineering its direction.  Especially towards the end, he gives it to you very straight on what needs to change, and also his advice to anyone that wants to pursue a career in athletics.

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