Podcast Ep 10 - Ben Hoffman (Ironman Champion)

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This episode features professional triathlete and multiple Ironman Champion, Ben Hoffman. 

Ben is a great guy, very entertaining, and a super talented athlete.  Also, he has been in the news lately, having missed the opportunity to race this year at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, due to an injury – which we talk about in-depth during the show.

I also wanted to talk to Ben because he is a very smart and genuine guy, and his overall message fits into this show quite well.  He’s a very thoughtful person, and while he doesn’t describe himself as a minimalist, a lot of his approach to life lines up with nicely with minimalism and wanting a balanced and happy life.  He has hobbies like woodworking, welding, and carpentry.  He and his wife Kelsey make a point to clear out the clutter from their house several times a year.  He has lived out of an Airstream trailer.  And perhaps most importantly, he doesn’t just pursue sponsorships with manufacturers of high tech sports equipment – he also has both a bacon and a wine sponsor.  I think he’s doing something right! :)

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