Patreon + New Artwork!


It’s officially official! We’ve been hard at work on MANY things behind-the-scenes, the most important being the launch of our Patreon account - check it out HERE!

If you’re not in-the-know, Patreon is a platform that supports independent artists and content creators by giving their viewers and listeners a way to directly contribute. There are no middlemen, no corporate overlords, and your money goes right to the artist. Contributions are done on either a per-episode or per-month basis, and start as low as $1. That’s right - for way less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can help the content that YOU want. It’s not going to the cable company, a CEO, or some other entity. It’s a completely revolutionary way to make content that’s free from the clutches of big companies and advertisers.

Our setup is very simple:

$1/month: You get our everlasting thanks, and the good karma of helping us.

$2/month: You get access to our bonus content, including B-roll, extra interview questions, and more!

I believe you can contribute more if you wish, but even $1 per month is a huge help. What do your contributions pay for?  While podcasting appears to be simple on the surface, there are some very real costs such as expensive audio equipment, software, website and podcast hosting fees, music licensing fees, and any/all help hired out to make the magic happen.  We're a VERY small outfit, and every little contribution helps us to make more content for you!


You might have noticed that we decided to shorten the name from "Minimal Multisport Athlete" to just Minimal Multisport.  It's more minimal - get it?!  In all seriousness, it's just easier to say and remember.  This change affects all of our social platforms.

Finally, we stepped up our game from amateur to professional with all-new show artwork!  Huge thanks to graphics dude extraordinaire, John Paul Severin, for helping us with the face lift.  John was our interviewee for Episode 7 of the show, so check it out if you missed out.