Podcast Ep 2 - Chris Wiggins

Episode #2 of the Minimal Multisport Athlete Podcast is live!  

We sit down with bicycle industry veteran, Chris Wiggins. Chris owns A1 Cyclery in Indianapolis, IN, and has a great deal of experience in all types of cycling and many other outdoor sports. We talked about the state of the cycling business, how it has changed, the problems it's encountering, and where we're heading.

In addition, we touch on why he changed the business model of the store from a high-end racing focus to more utilitarian bikes that could benefit the average Joe (and the personal reasons for doing so).  In other words - he added a dose of minimalism to his store, going against the conventional wisdom of how to succeed in selling cycling equipment.  

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But this one is also a special treat because there's a full video version on YouTube - HERE.